TASS  -  The Amateur Sky Survey

The Project:

The Amateur Sky Survey (TASS) is a loose confederation of amateur and professional astronomers.  Our goal is to build cameras which collect optical images of the night sky, process the images into catalogs of stellar positions and brightness, and analyze the resulting database.

We have already carried out a scan of the celestial equator with the Mark III cameras and associated software; see our Home Page or the article in "Publications of the Astronomical Society of the Pacific", March 2000.  Our current project is to build bigger, more sensitive cameras (the Mark IV), and use them to study stars of magnitude 8 to 15 in selected areas of the sky.

Our Source Forge project contains software both to drive the electronics of the camera units, and to reduce the images.

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The Software:

The following software packages are either currently or soon will be hosted on Source Forge.  The software is divided into categories which are listed in roughly the order in which data passes through our system.

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